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World-class safety

The safety of our people and products always comes first.

We know that food and operational safety is an ever-moving target, requiring constant vigilance and a coordinated effort from our entire team.

Abstract 3D render of safety equipment.


We’ve fostered a company culture that prioritizes employee safety and product quality above all else. How? By encouraging each person to take ownership for safety.

A masked Hearthside worker wearing a white hat
A masked Hearthside worker monitoring a screen
A sign with hanging tools, reading 'Lockout/Tagout Saves Lives'
A Hearthside employee sits in a computer seat, with a computer monitor to her right
A sign reading 'Coronavirus Symptoms,' detailing what sort of symptoms to watch for
A masked Hearthside worker wearing a red hat and plastic face shield
A first aid / washing station for Hearthside employees
A masked Hearthside worker with a face shield and blue Hearthside shirt
A banner reading 'Michigan City Hearthside Food Solutions: Celebrating 2 Million Hours No Lost Time Accidents'
A masked Hearthside worker wearing a face mask, mesh mask, and clear face shield
A masked Hearthside worker standing in front of yellow equipment
A masked Hearthside worker wearing a white helmet and black mask

Who is responsible for safety? “I am”

Our priorities

Keeping our people safe

When we prioritize safety as a company, we put our people first.

Prioritizing partnerships

We have each other’s backs. When we approach safety as a team effort, we create a better work environment.

Communicating effectively

Open communication across all teams helps us keep up with multiple compliance standards, sanitization protocols, and overall good manufacturing practices.

Lakeville employees hold a large banner for a food drive.

Backed by the numbers

Our safety ratings speak for themselves. To keep our standards high year-after-year across our vast network, we bake safety into our operating culture as a corner pillar.


Network-Wide OSHA Incident Rate (OIR)

A transparent vector of a purple ribbon, representing an award

Food processor of the year


“Producer of some of the most famous, successful, and highest-quality baked goods in the U.S.“

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