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Staying on the cutting edge of automation | Hearthside Food Solutions

The challenge

Consistent quality. Superior speed-to-market.

To stay competitive in the world of modern manufacturing, we have to continually innovate in order to keep our edge and drive real value for our customers. As our customers require more and more scale, we want to ensure that we have the capacity to handle their requests with the quality and speed that their brands necessitate. Not to mention, in addition to pure scale capacity, finding the right labor to keep our plants running smoothly has also proved to be a challenge (especially when global pandemics hit).

We’re constantly evolving our processes to hone faster production times, ensure product quality, and keep our capacity open for bigger projects. Right now, that means asking ourselves: what areas of our process are ripe for innovation through automation?

“Successful automation is strategically placed and carefully thought out.”

The details

In many ways, automation is the next frontier of manufacturing. However, we also know that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and successful automation is strategically placed and carefully thought out.

As such, we’ve targeted key automation solutions, such as those that handle heavy, ergonomically-challenging movements and those that reduce time-consuming food assembly.

The results

Resounding success.

Because of these capabilities, we’ve been able to reallocate our people out of more high-risk positions into new roles. The ergonomics involved with the management of heavy items can be really tough on the human body. Robotic capabilities give us the opportunity to find less physically demanding roles for these employees, often on a stronger advancement path, while also improving our overall safety.

We have also been able to expand our capacity, offering our customers the boost in scale and speed that they need to lead in their respective categories. Plus, the machine always comes to work. It gives us stability that human error can’t quite achieve, and thus better consistency in the product.

Our eagerness to invest in this new technology sets us apart from other manufacturers often stuck in the past, and demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

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