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Rigid canisters

When it comes to snack packaging, we have the right rigid canister for you. We keep pace with the evolutions of this time-tested packaging format by offering more options for shape, size, materials, closures, and product blends to fit your brand’s exacting needs. Let’s collaborate to find the best rigid canister packaging solution for your product.

A rigid canister pours over with mixed nuts

Options and flexibility

Various horizontal filling applications of metal, composite, and wound canisters in controlled environments


Multiple sizing options available

Eco-friendly solutions

From identifying the proper material, to minimizing excess packaging, and searching for post-consumer recycled (PCR) and reusable solutions, we work with our suppliers to meet your exacting packaging needs.

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Multiple packaging locations across the US

A preview image of a 3D-rendered video representing packaging
Plastic very close

Expert packaging for iconic products


Infinite formulations and formats

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