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Create, produce, and scale the nation's next favorite frozen or freeze-thaw sandwich, burrito, bowl, or entree with our help. Between R&D support, assembly, packaging, and the speed-to-market required to keep your product competitive, our dedicated frozen USDA and FDA inspected facilities are ready to support you each step of the way.

A frozen egg and ham sandwich, baked with melted cheese.
  • A fresh green salad, loaded with chicken, tomatoes and mixed greens

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Options and flexibility

High-speed flow wrap, vacuum seal, hand wrap, carton, and more packaging formats


From single serve to bulk pack cases

Classic and custom recipes

Available certifications

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  • An icon representing Kosher
  • An icon representing Halal
  • An icon representing Organic
  • An icon representing Natural
  • An icon representing HFCS Free
  • An icon representing Non-GMO
  • An icon representing Nut-Free
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Multiple frozen production locations across the US

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Jelly very close

Fresh ideas for fresh ingredients


Infinite formulations and formats

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