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We produce fresh-never-frozen ready-to-eat sandwiches, salads, wraps, and entrees created with superior ingredients, product creation support, speed-to-market efficiency, and meticulous attention to detail. Our dedicated and semi-dedicated USDA fresh facilities lend their expertise to provide you with the fresh shelf life options and specialty packaging methods needed to make your product shine.

A green salad with big slices of tomato.
  • A fresh green salad, loaded with chicken, tomatoes and mixed greens

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Options and flexibility

Flow wrap, vacuum seal, hand wrap, cups, wedge, and more specialty packaging methods


From single serve, to family meal, and party tray sizes

Available certifications

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  • An icon representing Kosher
  • An icon representing Halal
  • An icon representing Organic
  • An icon representing Natural
  • An icon representing HFCS Free
  • An icon representing Nut-Free
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Multiple fresh production locations across the US

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Fresh ideas for fresh ingredients


Infinite formulations and formats

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