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Functional Bars

From protein, to diet, to energy bars, we help you make complex and innovative product visions a reality. As a leader in the functional bar category, we bring a complete bar value chain from concept-to-consumer, with the variety and cravable quality you need to produce and scale a winner.

Options and flexibility

Drizzled, coated, enrobed, real chocolate, toppings, inclusions, fruit fillings, double fruit fillings, and more


Any modern bar shape or size

Your bar, your way

Available certifications

Multiple bar production facilities in the US

SQF III certified facilities linked by unified MRP systems (SAP) and HPS, our continuous improvement process


This is product and production line specific. If you’re looking for a quote, get in touch.

All of our products are unique, and thus priced individually. Prices are set based on factors such as annual volumes, production output, and portfolio complexity. If you’re looking for a quote, get in touch.

Definitely. We’ll tap into our vast network of suppliers to help you source the necessary ingredients needed to produce your dream product.

Bars generally have a 9-12 month shelf life. Shelf life is dependent on the formulation of the bar itself.

Absolutely. Our R&D experts are a powerful blend of scientists, engineers, and technicians, ready to help you stay on top product trends and consumer insights.

Two and a half almonds

Infinite formulations and formats

Two orange slices.