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The (delicious) magic is in the details. When it comes to snack mixes, our components capabilities are ready to serve your dream combinations. Our scalable, flexible component ovens and high-capacity lines stand at the ready for large scale production.

A large block of cheese sitting atop a few small slices.
A twirled piece of butter.

Options and flexibility

Thousands of shape, flavor, texture, and ingredient combinations


From mini to oversized options

Delicious baked goods, at scale

Available certifications

Multiple large component baking and production facilities


This is product and production line specific. If you’re looking for a quote, get in touch.

All of our products are unique, and thus priced individually. Prices are set based on factors such as annual volumes, production output, and portfolio complexity. If you’re looking for a quote, get in touch.

Definitely. We’ll tap into our vast network of suppliers to help you source the necessary ingredients needed to produce your dream product.

Absolutely. Our R&D experts are a powerful blend of scientists, engineers, and technicians, ready to help you stay on top product trends and consumer insights.

Two and a half almonds

Infinite formulations and formats

Two orange slices.