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Equipment Sanitation Technician

The Sanitor worker has the accountability for accurately carrying out line sanitation tasks in accordance with established quality and safety procedures and policies. This position has no supervisory authority.

The primary duties and responsibilities of the Sanitor Worker consist of but are not limited to:
• Responsible for carrying out line sanitation in accordance with established quality and safety procedures and policies.
• Attends pre-clean meetings with Changeover Coordinator and Machine Operator.
• Operates and maintains specialized cleaning equipment.
• Communicates status of assignment with Changeover Coordinator
• Reports to and takes direction from the Changeover Coordinator (or appointed designate in the absence of the Changeover Coordinator).
• Completes all applicable documentation (set-up forms & swab forms) during cleans, and assists in signoff inspections of equipment.
• Supports Machine Operator or Changeover Coordinator in ordering materials to be brought to the line. Performs Line prestart checks as assigned by Changeover Coordinator
• Focuses on cleans assigned by the Changeover Coordinator
• Responsible for cleaning tools assigned to them from the cleaning tool kit during the clean and returning them to the kit after use.
• Maintains flexibility to perform other tasks (position may temporarily require working as Line Worker, Hopper Filler or other position during slower production periods or under other special circumstances).
• Performs all other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor.
• Position requires occasional lifting of 50 lbs. bending, walking, standing, using stairs/ladders, and may include occasional lift work for specially trained persons.

• High school diploma or GED required
• 2-3 years of experience working in manufacturing are required

• Has an excellent work ethic and attendance record
• Receives & interprets verbal and written instructions accurately
• Confronts challenging situations with a problem solving mentality
• Demonstrates active participation in solutions and continually finds ways to improve processes
• Ability to interact and work well with a wide variety of people and departments
• Shows a sense of urgency as well as composure through tight deadlines


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Lakeville, MN
Posted On
2 October, 2023