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Electrical Maintenance Technician-Up to $40/hr!


Who We Are:

With over 11,000 employees at over 40 facilities across US & Europe, Hearthside Food Solutions is one of the fastest growing food companies and the industry’s largest contract manufacturer. Our secret to success? Our people. We know an investment in our people is an investment in our company. We strive to understand our team members and support them however we can. By empowering employees through skill development and career advancement opportunities, we emphasize a culture of continuous improvement – both for the business and our people. We want team members that will support us in owning safety together – speaking up when they see a problem. When we focus on our people and safety, it ensures we all are driving better performance as well as on time delivery to our customers!

Job Summary:

A Manufacturing Electrical Mechanical Technician is responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting electrical and mechanical equipment in a manufacturing facility. They ensure that production machinery is operating efficiently and safely, and they perform regular maintenance tasks to prevent breakdowns and minimize downtime.


1. Install, maintain, and repair electrical and mechanical equipment used in the manufacturing process, such as motors, conveyors, pumps, compressors, and control systems.

2. Perform routine preventative maintenance tasks on machinery to ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime.

3. Troubleshoot and diagnose electrical and mechanical issues using various tools and testing equipment.

4. Repair or replace faulty components or systems, such as broken wires, motors, or control devices.

5. Calibrate and adjust equipment to meet production specifications.

6. Follow safety protocols and ensure compliance with electrical and mechanical codes and regulations.

7. Collaborate with production and engineering teams to identify and resolve equipment performance or quality issues.

8. Document maintenance and repair activities, including work performed, parts used, and costs incurred.

9. Maintain inventory of spare parts and equipment, and order replacements as needed.

10. Participate in continuous improvement initiatives to enhance equipment reliability and performance.

11. Train and mentor junior technicians on electrical and mechanical maintenance tasks.


1. High school diploma or equivalent. Technical certification or associate’s degree in electrical or mechanical engineering is preferred.

2. Proven experience as an electrical or mechanical technician in a manufacturing environment.

3. Strong knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems, including motors, control circuits, pneumatics, hydraulics, and PLCs.

4. Proficiency in reading and interpreting electrical and mechanical diagrams, blueprints, and schematics.

5. Familiarity with maintenance and diagnostic tools, such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, and hand tools.

6. Ability to troubleshoot and repair electrical and mechanical issues in a timely manner.

7. Knowledge of safety protocols and procedures for working with electrical and mechanical equipment.

8. Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

9. Strong communication and teamwork abilities.

10. Willingness to work flexible hours and respond to emergency maintenance requests.

11. Physical stamina and dexterity to perform tasks that may require lifting heavy objects or working in confined spaces.

This job description may vary depending on the organization’s specific needs and requirements.

Equal Opportunity Employer. Veterans Encouraged to Apply.

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Michigan City, IN
Posted On
4 April, 2024