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2nd Shift Enrober Operator

Job Title: Enrober

Department: Production

Reports to: Production Supervisor

Job Summary: The qualified candidate will operate the enrobing machine and necessary equipment when production demands. This candidate will place inspected cookies into the correct tray or container on the designated line as a normal packer when not needed on the enrobing machine.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

• Operate enrobing machine, tempering unit and chocolate melt and/or storage kettles

• Operate other equipment associated with enrobing such as row aligners, cooling tunnel and other conveyance

• Maintain the chocolate piping system and the water cooling unit

• Temper chocolate as needed for production

• Monitor product for quality specifications

• Maintain traceability of coatings being used

• Perform cleaning and routine maintenance on enrobing equipment per policy and procedure

• Receive the finished product from oven operations or fugi machine operators

• Count, inspect, straighten and pack as necessary

• Pack the correct number of finished products into the approved trays or conveyor slots to be inserted into the proper carton for shipping

• Rotate position with other packing employees as directed

• Maintain a clean work area and assist with sanitation and miscellaneous cleaning as directed

• Follow GMPs and the HACCP program

• Additional duties as assigned by Supervisor or Management Personnel

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

• Must be knowledgeable in GMPs and HACCP

• Must have sufficient math skills to calculate quantities of finished goods required for correct packaging

• Good verbal communication skills

• Must have sufficient reading and writing skills in English in order to understand equipment instructions and safety manuals

• Good organization skills

• Must be a team player, flexible, and adaptable

• Willingness to except odd job assignments when production lines are not operating

• Ability to follow written and verbal instructions

• Ability to lift 55.5 lbs. on a regular basis

• Ability to perform a team lift at 55.5 lbs. to 75 lbs.

• Ability to stand or walk up to 80% of the time scheduled

• Ability to organize and prioritize work schedule

• Good hand/eye coordination

• Ability to handle stress of a fast paced environment

• Must have the ability to understand and follow all safety policies and procedures

Job Qualifications:

• 18 years of age

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Wenona, IL
Posted On
20 September, 2023