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Fostering innovation through R&D

Our mission

In many ways, our Research and Development teams are the heart of Hearthside. They fuel our forward movement—keeping us learning everyday, and at pace with innovation. “Continuous innovation” is a phrase you hear a lot around here, because being the best for our partners is our ultimate mission.

Overcoming key challenges

As we dive deeper into R&D, we strive to keep innovation in check with reality. Though we’re always looking for new cutting edge opportunities in each product space, we don’t lose sight of what consumers want and will accept in the real world.

As trends continue to pop up, we decide which ones are worthy of pursuing by putting them through a series of baseline questions: What does the research indicate? Does this product fill a gap? Does this product meet an actual consumer need? What are the tangible benefits for the consumer?

The answers to these questions help us identify which new products and concepts are worth the sweat equity and additional R&D. And, when the time is right, we’re there for the testing, trials, and production scale-ups to ensure that the entire process is accounted for.


At the end of the day, we’ve done our job if we’ve provided new, interesting, efficient, effective solutions for our customers. After all, “solutions” is in our company name for a reason. We work in true partnerships with our customers and are constantly finding ways to add value to our working relationships. Research, development, and innovation is an incredibly important aspect that helps our customers conceptualize and create new products and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Truth be told, we love being a small part of creating something wonderful that gives joy (and nourishment) to people. Our partners allow us to have a hand in making some of the most delightful, delicious products in the world. And that’s something we are grateful for and celebrate every day.

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