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Baking Business: Hearthside employees create culture of safety | Hearthside Food Solutions

Hearthside employees create culture of safety

Today Baking Business, the baking industry’s news publication of record, published a story featuring Hearthside’s culture of safety. This is one of many stories highlighting the world-class operations of the Hearthside production network.

Employee safety programs need to be tailored to specific facilities. However, an overall culture of safety helps foster constant improvement and consistency across an organization. At Hearthside Food Solutions, the enterprise-wide, bottom-up safety program is called “I am.”

Milton Vicenteno, vice-president of environment, health and safety, at Hearthside, explained that it begins with each individual’s responsibility and accountability for safety. “It is never someone else’s problem or concern,” he said. “Everyone is trained and empowered to help affect our world-class safety environment.”

Every day and every shift at Hearthside begins with the question: Who’s responsible for safety? Employees respond, “I am.”

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