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A place of community and growth

Our people are the secret to our success, and we support them with a culture that prioritizes teamwork while offering the opportunity to grow and advance within Hearthside. Together, we create a supportive workplace that serves our local communities.

A team of Hearthside employees in orange safety vests pose for a photo

COVID-19 protocols

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, we did everything we could to protect our employees while continuing to produce the food that many Americans rely on for nourishment. By partnering with both local and federal agencies, and through a massive collective effort from our employees, we were proud to respond swiftly while maintaining a safe working environment for our essential workers.

Our priorities

Keeping our people safe

When we prioritize safety as a company, we’re putting our people first.

Prioritizing partnerships

Together, we make a bigger impact.

Elevating customer performance

We’re here to do the behind-the-scenes work that lets our customers and their brands shine.

Contributing to local communities

It’s important to us that we support the communities that we work within. Our giving back initiatives are our small way of saying “thank you” to these wonderful communities.

Nourishing America’s families

At the end of the day, we’re proud to have a part in providing families with dependable, delightful food products.

Hearthside employees pose for a photo on a stairwell.

Safety comes first

We’ve fostered a company culture that prioritizes employee safety and product quality above all else. How? By encouraging each person to take ownership for safety.

A masked Hearthside worker wearing a white hat
A masked Hearthside worker monitoring a screen
A sign with hanging tools, reading 'Lockout/Tagout Saves Lives'
A Hearthside employee sits in a computer seat, with a computer monitor to her right
A sign reading 'Coronavirus Symptoms,' detailing what sort of symptoms to watch for
A masked Hearthside worker wearing a red hat and plastic face shield
A first aid / washing station for Hearthside employees
A masked Hearthside worker with a face shield and blue Hearthside shirt
A banner reading 'Michigan City Hearthside Food Solutions: Celebrating 2 Million Hours No Lost Time Accidents'
A masked Hearthside worker wearing a face mask, mesh mask, and clear face shield
A masked Hearthside worker standing in front of yellow equipment
A masked Hearthside worker wearing a white helmet and black mask

Who is responsible for safety? “I am”

Room to grow

Come on in and stay awhile. We empower both hourly and salary employees with the tools and resources needed to advance their career within our company over the long-term.

A transparent vector of a purple ribbon, representing an award

Food processor of the year


“Producer of some of the most famous, successful, and highest-quality baked goods in the U.S.“

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